Anonymous VS Fake ecards
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Occurred: 2017-06-01; Posted: 2017-06-23

Greeting card scams
My coworker told me that she experienced the same problem as I did, so that's why I decided to share my story with the world. Although I am fairly certain that I am not the first, or the second fool that they did this too.
The first of June is my birthday, and during my birthday it's pretty normal for me to get a lot of messages, cards and a lot of emails. I usually open them all on my birthday, but I answer them the day after my birthday. It's not unusual for me to received e-cards, but this one was a bit different. It was from a random email, but the email said the name of one of my friends. It said that I needed to download/update a program so that the card could play itself. I didn't really think hard about it. If I see that something needs to be downloaded or updated, I just do it. When I clicked on the link, it actually downloaded a virus. My computer crashed right away, and the scariest part is that whoever did that to me had access to all my personal information. Even access to my funds.
I had to buy a new laptop because I hadn't invested in a good antivirus program, so they couldn't save my laptop. I lost a lot of money, sleep and I was insanely stressed just because of one stupid fraudulent e-card.

Hacked Systems
Financial Losses
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When you receive an email from someone that you don't know and it contains a link, listen to me closely: DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK.

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