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Bank's Huge Fraud
I had to go to China for my uncle's liver operation. For that purpose I consulted Sky Chain travel agents for visa ane ticket processing. According to  ticket my uncle's and my flight day was on 10 Dec 2014. Other family members could not go due to heavy dues for operation. My uncle's kids were so young, so I was only near to them who could handle all money withdrawing or transferring procedures from banks. Unluckily due to some serious circumstances and my uncle's day by day weakness, Dr. PAN who have had to perform his operation, asked us to come on 15 Nov and it was so soon. I was greatly busy a week before going bank uncle asked me to withdraw 5 Lac from his bank accound in UBL, Lahore. I withdrew money and with all preparations done, we moved to China on 14 Nov. Two weeks later, was my uncle's operation. The Dr. Pan charged 3 Lac extra for some specific reasons regarding operation. My uncle gave that brief case to me,when I opened and counted money it was not total 5 lac there were many notes which were fake and it was total 3 Lac 28 thousand. There was loss of 1 Lac 72 thousand rupees. My uncle was not in condition to take any stress or tension and also could not tell this to any family member in this situation. I managed to call that bank about this issue but they refused to accept this mistake. Then I understood it was serious douge given to us. I arranged money with great trouble, taking borrow from a friend. But unfortunately my unlce did not recover from operation he died and with this extreme loss I forgot everything. After coming back Pakistan and six months after my uncle's death. Now whenever I remember this bank's farud I became a lot of furious and wish for them to be destroyed.

Fraudulent Representation
Breach of Contract

RESPONSE/ MESSAGE FROM United Bank Limited Lahore
Dear Arif!

We performed our duty with sincere responsibility. We are not accountable for this issue. Please do not disturb our staff by such calls, and stop misbehaving.

UBL Bank


ADVICE FROM Sidrajavaid
First of all never withdraw such a huge amount from bank alone and in hurry. Next, count your all money in the presence of bank's staff or cashier.